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Here is a list of her Books. Sally Fretwell Books have an entertaining style, concise observations and WONDERFUL photos. Those books puts into words those dreams we have about The Power of Color, Growing Green, Homes to Live In, Back To Balance, Bluebirds of Happiness, Dr. Bill’s Backyard and last but not least – she is presently finishing a new book on “Insights into the KI Personalities in Politics and the Media”.

Nearly 20 years go, Sally Fretwell produced her first book with references to the I Ching and KI Personalities. She demonstrated her ease and depth of understanding of the philosophy which put many of her books on the top seller list in Amazon for many years.

Sally Fretwell’s book, “Growing Green is another excellent book on colors that demonstrates the same natural colors found in nature with rich architecture. When you have looked at the images here, you may wish to go to the “Growing Green” book site to see  even more colors.  Sally’s great strength is her ability to match colors and more importantly, develop colors based upon her clients wishes.  Many of these colors are born out of just such client interactions.

Sally is also the author of “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary, buying, building and Remodeling” and “Feng Shui: back to balance” which is a practical and sensible resource guide, filled with creative ways to energize homes, retail establishments, businesses and office environments. This book was the #1 seller on for books in that category two years in a row.

Her work has been published in Contemporary Earth Design, a collection of writings by experts from around the world. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines and publications including Golf Shore Life, Living in Balance Magazine, Qi Journal, Niche, Mary Kay, and Ashley Magazine she writes a monthly column for the Echo Magazine and presently resides in New Port Richey, Florida


Sally Fretwell Books

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