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Sally Fretwell is an internationally recognized architectural psychologist, color/design consultant, teacher and author.  For more than twenty-five years, she has assisted a myriad of clients from homeowners to hospitals to create extraordinary places in which clients can exist in unison with their environment.

Her internationally known consulting service has enabled her to share knowledge and expertise at home and abroad.  Sally’s lectures, classes, and short courses are available to realtors, interior designers, developers, and architects.  She is also available for video and e-consultation.

As a result of her color inspiration and health-consciousness, Sally established an environmentally responsible company, Sally Fretwell Paint Colors, LLC.  The company developed a full line of No-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paint colors, in a vibrant palette of vital colors while being environmentally safe.

Having published four professional books on Color, Space, and Feng Shui, Sally’s books topped the number one bestseller spots on Amazon for several years. Her latest acclaimed book is The Power of Color, which features an array of beautifully vibrant photographs, and is meant to inspire the reader to use color to create a mood.


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Sally is also the author of “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary, buying, building and Remodeling” and “Feng Shui: back to balance” which is a practical and sensible resource guide, filled with creative ways to energize homes, retail establishments, businesses and office environments. This book was the #1 seller on Amazon.com for books in that category two years in a row.

Her work has been published in Contemporary Earth Design, a collection of writings by experts from around the world. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines and publications including Gulf Shore Life, Living in Balance Magazine, Qi Journal, Niche, Mary Kay, and Ashley Magazine she writes a monthly column for the Echo Magazine and presently resides in New Port Richey, Florida

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In the midst of her active consulting practice and just 10 years after her degree, Sally was accidentally sprayed with a massive dose of insecticides from a plane as it flew within 100 feet over her head.  Sally was standing in her drive way when the plane’s pilot mistakenly released hundreds of pounds of insecticides over her head striking her with a torrent. After many months of rehabilitation Sally was forced to move from Southern Florida to Virginia where she was less likely to incur the constant insecticide spraying on the southern coast of Florida. It was in Virginia that she worked tirelessly to develop new lines of paints and especially “No-VOC” paints for those who have allergies and issues with paint and paint smells. Sally developed her own line of paints and natural colors to go with them and ultimately started two paint stores dedicated to natural colors and “No-VOC” paints to serve the central Virginia area and Washington, DC. Her paints can be found in many hospitals, doctor’s offices, schools, residences and commercial facilities through out the area and across the country.

Sally Fretwell has also recently produced two children’s books for naturalists that are loaded with natural photography and whimsical illustrations of the birds and insects that reside her gardens. “Sally’s Blue Birds of Happiness”, and “Dr. Bill’s Backyard”, are number five and six of her books that can now be found on Amazon.com.


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